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Christ Transformation Center

                                              Where Lives Are Transformed and Discipleship Is Not An Option


Parents Night Out is a way to minister to parents who just need a BREAK! Once a month we provide a place for hard working parents to bring their kids to a safe and fun place while they take on a movie, dinner, relaxation, or just plain do nothing. This is our way of giving back to our community by giving back to our families. We believe that strong healthy families make strong healthy communities and by giving parents a break to spend quality time with their spouse or simply just being alone relaxing or catching up on something you have been putting off doing (like shopping)!

Meet Our Guardians:

My name is Minnie L. Thomas . I am a member of Christ Transformation Center in Salisbury NC. Prior to moving to Salisbury in 1997 I lived in Newark NJ. I attended Faith Fellowship Ministries in Sayreville NJ and also Provision of Promise Ministries in Newark NJ. I attended the Bible Training School while at Promise for two years. I am presently employed with the Dept. of Veterans affairs VA Medical Hospital.

Rennetta Roberts is a graduate of Livingstone College with a Bachelors degree in Biology. She is a member of Christ Transformation Center in Salisbury,NC, and is a part of the praise and worship team there. Rennetta is friendly, caring, and loves children.

My name is Julia Rustin, I was born and raised in East Spencer, N.C. home of Cavalier. I am a single mother of two boys their names are Micheal and Delano Rustin.


Q: How many children can I bring:

A: 3

Q: Is there an age limited

A: Yes, 3 to 12 (all children must be potty trained)

Q: Can I drop my children off later than the time started

A: Yes, drop off time is from 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Q: Is there a charge for this service

A: No, Christ already paid it all!

Q: Is there a contact Number

A: Please call 336-587-5764